Sponsorship and partnership opportunities at Expo 2017 in Astana

AquaEx India attracts companies that are looking to grow, expand into new markets, forge strong alliances and become a greater entity tomorrow than they are today.

Visitor Carry Bags

Sponsor environment friendly Carry Bags, which will be distributed to trade visitors, press personnel and conference delegates.
Circulation: 20,000 Rs. 14,00,000 / US$ 26000

Lanyard for Badges

Sponsor will gain high visibility at the venue with the name / logo prominently displayed on each Lanyard. An excellent medium to attract visibility and make your presence felt with every attendee.
Circulation: 20,000 Rs. 12,00,000 / US$ 24,000

Delegate Kit (Bags, Writing Pads, Pens)

The Delegate Kit is distributed to all conference chairpersons, speakers, delegates and special invitees. It serves as tool to create an everlasting impact.
Quantity: 2000 Nos.Rs. 10,00,000 / US$ 20,000

Registration Counters / Visitor Registration Forms

Achieve maximum visibility with your company logo displayed prominently on the Registration Counters, ensuring instant visibility to all visitors.
Rs. 10,00,000 / US$ 20,000

Exhibition and Conference Badges

Every participant including visitors, invitees, media, conference speakers, delegates, sponsors and exhibitors wear Exhibition and Conference Badges on all days.
Circulation: 20,000Rs. 800,000 / US$ 16,000

Show Guide

The Show Guide provides the layout of the exhibition with exhibitor names, booth nos and conference programme. This popular, sought after, reference material is a guide for all visitors, delegates and exhibitors during the event. Sponsors name and logo, company will be prominently included in the Show Guide.
Circulation: 20,000Rs. 7,00,000 / US$ 14,000

Conference Session

The three-day conference, brings the entire ICT fraternity (industry leaders, investors, government officials and users) together on a single platform, and provides valuable insights into the technologies and services of tomorrow.
Rs. 6,00,000 / US$ 12,000 per sponsor

Lunch/ Tea/ Coffee

Sponsors name and logo will be prominently displayed at the conference lunch venue. The sponsors name will be printed on the conference programme. The sponsor will receive 10 complimentary invitee passes. Attendees: 300-350 each day
Rs. 6,00,000 / US$ 12,000

Media Centre

The Media Centre is the hub of all media activity at AquaEx India. Capture the attention of the press and your message or announcement will travel far beyond the show audience.
Rs. 5,00,000 / US$ 10,000

VIP Lounge

Sponsor the VIP Lounge and avail a superb opportunity to attract celebrity attention. The VIP Lounge is a fully furnished hotspot for the industry leaders including conference chairpersons, speakers VIP's and special invitees to conduct business whilst attending the event.
Rs. 5,00,000 / US$ 10,000

Associate Sponsorship

Associate sponsorship provide an unique opportunity of visibility to grab attention and brand recall. Sponsor’s logo will be carried in the relevant marketing collaterals, press advertisements, sponsors panels and on the backdrops of the conference.
Rs.10,00,000 / US$ 10,000