How do we sustain our love for seafood

We catch them from the wild while celebrity chefs transform them into palette-piquing dishes. The only creatures that continue to serve our primal thrills – fishes. But the issue is – how long before a numb ocean of jellyfish replaces them. This is a question that is looming over our heads no more, it is precipitating. Sounds like the same doomsday theory? Bored? But this is a fish loving Bengali writing with a heavy rock, perhaps even a huge boulder, on her heart.

You know my love for Hilsa right? Well, that dream-of-a-fish still lands up on my plate seasonally but they are not of the same size anymore and definitely a lot more pricy than before. The markets continue to be flooded with the smaller ones that are not to be caught (legally). They say that Hilsa will soon become so threatened that Bengali houses might have paintings of the fish adorning their walls instead.

Glorifying our present while leaning on the relict past – it does not get lamer than that.

That day is not far away though, not only for Bengalis, but for the whole world. When the world’s oceans will become poor and famished without its silvery denizens. Figures, we have the figures! No need to turn away from the usual alarmist propaganda.

Here it is. The UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

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